CMYK embroidery
CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black=key) is a colour system that is based on the four colours used in traditional offset printing. CMYK embroidery is a hand-made printing process that I developed during my MA studies at Central St Martins 2006–2008. The idea of handmade print started as an academic project. Now, most of my work is based on that. I have created CMYK embroidered illustrations for clients such as The Guardian and WIRED, as well as worked on numerous private commissions.

I use conventional screen angles: Cyan 105˚, Magenta 75˚, Yellow 90˚ and Black 45˚ and prepare dot screens for cross-stitch. Works are stitched using cotton threads in CMYK colours, the intensity of colour depends on the number of strands used. The final outcome is a printed page created by hand.

© Evelin Kasikov 2007–2015.

Below: first CMYK embroidered piece, May 2007. Front and back side. Photos by Sarah Roesink.

Below: 4 x 4 squares showing the blend of CMYK colours stitched in four different thread thicknesses. Images by Juliet Sheath of Full Focus.

Below: One of the pieces from series The Process of Print.

Below: first experiments with handmade halftoning monotone to quadtone, 2007–2008.

Below: bookmark that comes with Printed Matter books and allows to measure screen resolution.

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